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Bachelorette on ABC

So I still haven’t heard back from the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise? Who knows. I’m 30 years old now & so many of my friends are married with kids. Seems like a great opp to meet a lady or be exposed on TV enough that leads me to meeting a marriage candidate lady indirectly? The exposure would def be good for comedy too. Gotta get me some more Twitter & Instagram followers bc that’s what matters most in life. Rahhh! Who knows though, do you think level of fame is on an slide scale with ability to find love? I don’t think so. I think anybody can find love. Look at Trump? My buddy Ryan M. aka Ryan McDill became famous overnight from the Bachelorette TV show. It was the most entertaining episode I’ve seen to date & might be the only full episode I’ve actually watched. Unfortunately, I don’t think America could fully understand him based on the limited view they had. I think people probably thought, this is a good looking, outgoing dude that seems like a blast, but he’s rude. Guys/gals, he got super drunk & made himself out to be the villain by accident & it’s not him. I think if he hadn’t got so tipsy that first night, he could have won the entire show. At least he went out in style though.

Anyway, I’ve been interacting with the opposite sex quite a bit, having a blast, so i’m in no rush to get wifed-up. However, I am ready when I meet her & won’t pass it up if it happens naturally - & by naturally, I mean on a TV show :) Till I meet her, I’ll be enjoying the ride & living the dream as a single bachelor in NYC - unless I move, in which case I’ll be doing that in whatever location I’m in until I meet her.

For all the fellas out there that are afraid of pretty gals… My biggest fear as a kid was pretty girls that I was most attracted to & I’m humbled to say I’ve crushed that fear out of the park. Well, in some ways it’s been crushed out of me. How? By facing the fear time & time again, failing & looking stupid until I got comfortable around them (human girls), & getting my heart ripped out of my chest a couple times. I suppose all this helped make me tough as a Spartan - after I healed from the wreckage of rejection. It was obviously quite humbling & that’s a good thing imo b/c I don’t wanna be a Gaston. Maturity also helped me realize that external beauty is just physical & every girl is beautiful in her own way. I was always the nice guy growing up, so it’s weird how some of the girls that were not cute at all back in school have become gorgeous later in life. The fact that I was nice to them then, makes them cool with me now (esp the ones that had a lil crush on me) & they don’t treat me like every follower of theirs that likes all their stati. Not to discourage any fellas out there that read this & go “Oh shit, I do that!” It’s ok, we’ve all been at least tempted to like those modelesque gals’ insta pics even though we don’t know her/them - just hoping she/they’ll will look at our pics & start liking us & wanting to have our babies. I still do it every once in a while, thank Zeus for the Instagram DM. Hey, the sky’s the limit, but I think engaging with a lady in person is much more effective. What I’m trying to say is, I’m glad I didn’t beauty & the beast those pre-blossomed gals when I was young, the way the young, good looking prince did to the weathered beggar that knocked on his castle doors before he rejected her & got turned into a beast. If I did, maybe I’d be a beast right now? Though I’m not involved with one of those late bloomers, I’m happy about it all. Sorry if you wanted to hear that I’m dating one now. I can tell you that I have dabbled if that makes you smile ;)

Since I can’t give you the ending where I marry one of those gals (@ least for now), maybe, the real take away or lesson for you is don’t be a Gaston? Treat all ladies like humans bc they are, the ones you find really pretty & the ones you don’t. The beauty you seek might not emerge right away bc not everything is always as it seems. Maybe the beauty you seek is actually hidden internally, and maybe it’s not. Regardless, Preacher Oldroyd says appreciate God’s creations & treat ‘em all w respect. Fellas, you’ll get rewarded for it - trust me :)

Damn, I’m wise! & horny

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