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Welcome to Michael's World.

"Mike is the funniest person I've ever met!"

- Michael Oldroyd

Amazing NYC stand-up comedy performance 2021 | Michael Oldroyd

Amazing NYC stand-up comedy performance 2021 | Michael Oldroyd

Amazing NYC stand-up comedy performance 2021 | Michael Oldroyd

I AM MICHAEL | original comedy song by Michael Oldroyd


Nicholas Cage's funny look-alike to a musical beat | Michael Oldroyd - comedian

Intense Political Discussion to House Music | TheDroyd

THE SCOTTISH BACHELOR I comedy music video

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"From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere."

- Dr. Seuss

Michael Oldroyd aka TheDroyd is silly, inspiration, and light-hearted. Whether it's been entertaining on stage or on the football field, this class clown has always loved the spotlight. Hassled by nearly every teacher since kindergarten for his classroom distractions, Michael spent most of his time in detention. He grew up impersonating his favorite childhood comedians, Jim Carrey & Adam Sandler for friends, family, and detention supervisors. He started doing stand-up in 9th grade. His history teacher challenged him to try it in front of the class. He was always funny from the back of the room, but coming to the front of the class and doing stand-up was completely different. He was later voted Most Likely to Host SNL by his high school senior class of 300+ students.


Torn between his passion for winning the classroom over with laughter and his love for the game of football, he pursued both after beginning to play football at the age of 8. In the fall of 2006, Mike walked onto the Missouri Tigers Football Team just before they began to rise to the height of their greatness in 2007 when they became the best team in school history. He enjoyed all the free Gatorade on the sidelines along the way. His job as a scout team wide receiver was to go against the 1st string Defense every day in practice and get punished when he scored touchdowns. He was a member of the 2008 Cotton Bowl Championship Football Team the year they took the #1 spot in the nation. A knee injury in the spring of his Junior year after the Tigers won that Cotton Bowl ended his NFL dreams, so he pivoted to comedy after graduating with a business marketing degree.


He has been crowned a two-time back-to-back champion of Mid-Missouri's Last Comic Standing Competition. He's done all kinds of jobs to fund his comedy journey, including joining an IT healthcare consulting startup on the ground floor with friends. Together, they built a multimillion-dollar consulting firm that sold to Accenture in 2015. He's opened for Theo Von, been in Blockbuster movies & on TV, and his face has been on every streaming app, i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc... He's performed all over the world at weddings, comedy clubs, corporate events, and miscellaneous gigs/events: including LA, Miami, Kansas City, Chicago, NYC, Tokyo, London, and Amsterdam. He auditioned for, was accepted into, and studied at the UCB Academy in New York City which is their highest and most prestigious level of study, and he is now headlining shows around the country. He also does musical comedy as well, so check out his music on all streaming platforms now!

He's like a bassoon that plays love.

Yes, a bassoon, because he's unique and beautiful.

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Upcoming Shows

Nut-tap time.

It's worth noting that Mike used the MIZZOU TIGER locker room as a place to work out his material. In return, he received more titty-twisters, towel smacks, and wiener-taps than any other player…


If you missed your chance then, below is your chance now.

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