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Funny Mike: Michael Oldroyd Brings Comedy to the Community

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Comedy in St Pete

Have you seen a Nicolas Cage döppelganger doing curbside comedy at a town near you? If not, you're totally missing out on one of the most hilarious comics around.

Meet Michael Oldroyd, or Mike to his peers. This guy has the unique ability to make people laugh no matter what the occasion. He does stand-up, improv, and curbside comedy and is among the top promising comedians in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Michael has been doing this for years now, and it’s made him immensely popular in his community.

Besides performing at weddings, comedy clubs, and corporate events, Michael has also performed in Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, London, and Amsterdam. This guy’s humor ranges from silly puns to impressions, to hilarious stories about his life that everyone can relate to.

How It Began

Michael has been impersonating his favorite comedian Adam Sandler since childhood and started doing stand-up comedy in high school. From the back of the room, he was always amusing to his peers. But giving a speech at the front of the class was where it all began!

He was later voted “most likely to host Saturday Night Live” in his high school class. Torn between his passion for winning the classroom over with laughter and his love for football, he continued on to pursue both.

Mike joined the Missouri Tigers Football Team in the Fall of 2006. After an injury, he pursued comedy and business, where he would become successful. When he moved to L.A., he helped a friend build a start-up company until finally focusing his efforts solely on comedy.

He has been crowned the two-time champion of Mid-Missouri’s Last Comic Standing Competition and was a member of the 2008 Cotton Bowl Championship Football Team.

Bringing Live Stand-Up Comedy To You